Are you interested in purchasing a Taxsaver Ticket in 2022?

Citylink offer great rates for Taxsaver passengers for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The Taxsaver Multi-Stop Ticket Scheme is designed to help reduce the cost for workers using public transport.

Taxsaver helps to encourage workers to avail of public transport and to reduce traffic congestion. You can talk to your employer about participating in the scheme and your employer will then apply for your ticket.

Why Commute with Citylink?

  • You can make massive savings in comparison to driving.
  • Employees can save up to 52% in Tax, PRSI & universal social charge.
  • Our Annual Taxsaver Ticket is the best value on this route.
  • We offer free Wi-Fi so you can get a head start on your day while on the way to work.
  • We issue Taxsaver tickets at any stage throughout the year.
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