Are you interested in purchasing a Taxsaver Ticket in 2022?

Citylink offer great rates for Taxsaver passengers for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The Taxsaver Multi-Stop Ticket Scheme is designed to help reduce the cost for workers using public transport.

Taxsaver helps to encourage workers to avail of public transport and to reduce traffic congestion. You can talk to your employer about participating in the scheme and your employer will then apply for your ticket.

Why Commute with Citylink?

  • You can make massive savings in comparison to driving.
  • Employees can save up to 52% in Tax, PRSI & universal social charge.
  • Our Annual Taxsaver Ticket is the best value on this route.
  • We offer free Wi-Fi so you can get a head start on your day while on the way to work.
  • We issue Taxsaver tickets at any stage throughout the year.
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Taxsaver Fare Guideline
Having trouble finding your Taxsaver rate?

See below the three-step process to assist you as best possible.

1) Select the Departure point as in the grid below (Athlone)
2) Select the Destination point as in the grid below (Dublin City)
3) Your price will be displayed at where both lines intersect.

Taxsaver example
3 Month Taxsaver Fares

3 month
6 Month Taxsaver Fares

6 month
Annual Taxsaver (12 Month Fares)

12 month
Taxsaver Form (PDF Version)

Download Taxsaver Form PDF here >>  CITYLINK TAXSAVER FORM
Taxsaver FAQs

Q. How much is a taxsaver ticket?

A. Please see taxsaver fare table above for your specific route.

Q. Are these prices before or after tax deduction?

A. Prices on fare table are full price before any tax deductions have been made. Taxsavers are purchased on your behalf by your employer and tax deductions are generally made via a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. Please visit for more information.

Q. How much can I expect to save?

A. Savings vary depending on your income, tax band and your travel route, you can save between 28% and 52% on the price of the ticket

Q. How do I order a taxsaver ticket?

A. Once you have decided what ticket you wish to purchase, your employer needs to complete an online  form to order the ticket. As soon as the form has been filled out and submitted, an invoice will be emailed to your company which can be paid via bank transfer or cheque.

Q. Can I buy a monthly or annual ticket and then claim the tax back from the Revenue Commissioners?

A. No, all taxsaver  tickets must be purchased by the company on behalf of the employee as per Revenue guidelines.

Q. Can I buy a taxsaver ticket from the driver?

A. No. Tickets must be ordered online via

Q. Can I buy a taxsaver ticket via

A. No. only offers tickets from state-owned transport operators. Tickets from private operators are not available for purchase here.

Q. What is the deadline for ordering taxsaver tickets?

A. Please ensure that your ticket is ordered before the 21st of the month to ensure timely delivery of orders commencing the following month.

Q. Do I need photo identification?

A. Passengers will be asked to present identification on Citylink services. Name on ID must correspond with name on ticket. We accept any form of valid photographic identification (e.g. driving licence, photographic work ID, etc).

Q. Are taxsaver Commuter Tickets transferable

A. No, taxsaver tickets cannot be transferred to another person, as they can only be used by the individual who received the tax benefit.

Q. How do I cancel a taxsaver ticket?

A. We accept cancellations. The ticket must be returned to us via registered post or courier together with a letter from the employer explaining the reasons for cancellation. As soon as the returned ticket has been received, we will issue a refund for months remaining on the ticket minus a 10% administration fee. We will only refund full months remaining on the ticket. For example, if there are 6 months remaining on the ticket, we will refund 6 months minus an administration fee of 10%. Tickets must be in the possession of Citylink before refund will be issued.

Q. What happens if an employee leaves or is dismissed from their position while the taxsaver ticket is still valid?

A. It depends on the arrangement reached with the employer.

Q. I have lost my taxsaver ticket. What should I do?

A. Loss or theft of your taxsaver ticket must be reported to us as soon as possible. We require a letter from your company administrator on headed paper before we will issue you with a new card. In addition, theft of your ticket should be reported to the Gardaí. Please be advised that a processing fee of €20 will apply which must be paid before we re-issue the ticket.

Taxsaver Form

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Download Tax Saver Form PDF here.

  • Please submit a form for each passenger.
  • Provide the full passenger name for each ticket required.
  • Tickets will be sent to the address provided.