Citylink reviews July

  • Thank you for your great service andspecial THANKS for Dany, the kindest driver! 
  • I use Citylink to come home from galwayas often as I can. I was really impressed by the friendly bus driver on the(17:30 departure) Dublin to Galway (21:25 arrival) 5/07/18. Announced every busstop over the intercom before coming to a stop. Thanked everyone leaving thebus, handed out water bottles to those on the bus which was greatlyappreciated. Didn't ask his name but he was doing a great job as I find othertimes some bus drivers can be grumpy. Drove safely and arrived only a fewminutes later than scheduled.
  • A fantastic service, free WiFi, powerpoints, and we’ve just been given nice cold bottles of water, from aour verypleasant driver. much appreciated in this weather, will definitely be usingtheir services again 
  • Dublin airport to limerick
  • 12pm 05/07/2018
  • Great driver a credit to your company onthe 2.00pm from Dublin to Limerick a gentleman and very professional. Have usedyour services for past 2 years and never been let down.
  • Wonderful customerservice. Always willing to help the customer, even with issues that are nottheir fault. Lovely comfortable buses and trustworthy service
  • Very pleasant driver,fast and reliable.