Accessibility and Inclusion

Many people experience a combination of both visible and non-visible impairments and conditions and those living with them can often face barriers in everyday life. Everyone has the right to travel and to choose where they want to go. But travelling for some can present significant obstacles. 

Citylink team and Hidden Disabilities team holding sunflower decals beside the blue and yellow Citylink bus. 


Irish Citylink officially recognises the Sunflower! 

Irish Citylink has adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to support and raise awareness of those living with a non-visible disability. We understand that by increasing the awareness of non-visible disabilities within the company and promoting the Sunflower we can contribute to enhancing our passenger's experience. 

Wearing the Sunflower lanyard enables individuals to discreetly indicate that they have a non-visible disability and may need additional assistance, kindness, or simply a little more time. 

If you have a hidden disability and would like a lanyard, please contact us via our social media @citylinkireland or email us at [email protected]. In addition to making the Sunflower lanyards available to customers and colleagues with an invisible disability, we’re training our staff to identify the Sunflower, gain a deeper understanding of nonvisible disabilities, and learn how to support Sunflower wearers. Further information on the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme can be found

Wheelchair accessible services 

Citylink operates a number of wheelchair-accessible coaches on our Galway - Dublin City/Airport route, however not all stops on this route are accessible. In addition, eireagle has a limited number of services from Limerick - Dublin Airport with wheelchair accessibility. Our coaches are interchangeable so if you have had a wheelchair-accessible service previously, please do not assume it will be the same coach. Please contact us on 091 564164 in advance of your journey and we will assist you further in relation to your query. We are happy to help with any inquiries.