The new departure times form Limerick City - Arthur's Quay are;

01:30hrs, 03:30hrs, 05:30hrs, 07:30hrs, 09:30hrs, 11:30hrs, 13:30hrs, 15:30hrs, 17:30 hrs & 19:30hrs.

Departure times from The Hurlers, Castletroy are 5 minutes after the Limerick City, Arthurs Quay time.

The new departure times from Dublin AIrport are;

00:30hrs, 06:00hrs, 08:00hrs, 10:00hrs, 12:00hrs, 14:00hrs, 16:00hrs, 18:00hrs, 20:00hrs, 22:00hrs & 00:30hrs.

Journey Time Allowance: Please remember to allow sufficient time between coach arrival and flight check-in for all journeys to the airport.  We recommend at least 1 hour. 

Our services can be affected by circumstances beyond our control and arrival times cannot be guaranteed in these circumstances.

Routes & Timetables

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