Leap Card

Full details about Leap Card is available on the Leap Website www.leapcard.ieLeap Card is the answer to convenient travel across city and country. With this pay-as-you go smart card, you save money versus cash fares and you don't have to carry cash!

Where can I buy a Leap Card?
There are two ways to get a Leap Card. A fully refundable deposit is payable on cards (€5 for Adult and €3 for Child Cards) and you must also Top-Up your Leap Card by a minimum of €5 Travel Credit. Click here to buy a Leap Card online!

Leap Card agents
There are over 500 Leap Card agent shops around Dublin where you can: Buy a Leap CardTop-Up your Leap CardCollect Travel Credit purchased online (please note that you must still collect your Top-Up from a nominated load location).

How do I use my Leap Card?
Using your Leap Card is easy. You just add Travel Credit to your card to pay-as-you-go for each journey. When your Travel Credit starts to run low, just Top-Up again! You can Top-Up your card online by clicking here with Leap Card agents. Click here to locate your nearest Leap Card agent.

Auto Top-Up
Auto Top-Up is the easiest way to Top-Up your Leap Card. Never run out of Travel Credit again by automatically topping up your Leap Card with funds from your bank account, whenever your Travel Credit balance falls below €10. You can choose to Auto Top-Up by €30.00, €40.00 or €50.00.

Why register a Leap Card?
Registering your Leap Card means no one can use your card's Travel Credit once you've reported it lost or stolen. You will also be able to view your card history and buy Travel Credit. If you already have your card click here to register now. Your Leap Card will be protected against loss or theft. Once you register your card you don't need to complete an online form for every online Top-Up. You can view your card history onlineYou can manage additional Leap Cards through your account (e.g. your child's Leap Card)