Cleggan & Inishbofin Island

Inishbofin Island

Vibrant, dramatic and ready to explore.

Traditional music is an integral part of Inishbofin’s culture. This, after all, is an island with its own Céilí band, and where several islanders have released CDs across a range of genres. Musicians and artists regularly visit Inishbofin for the famous sessions, which are very special, as music is the heartbeat of Inishbofin. If you like a tune, you’ll love Inishbofin.

Many succumb to the island’s charm and stunning scenery, not to mention the warm and relaxed welcome from the locals, all of which prompts them to return year after year – several families in their fourth and fifth generations. Inishbofin boasts splendid walks including three Looped Walks, beautiful Green Coast Award winning beaches, clear waters ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving, facilities for deep sea and coastal angling, and a diverse range of birds, wildlife, flora and fauna.  Artists, writers and photographers find inspiration surrounded by the magnificent scenery and the fresh sea air and come to hone their craft in their own secret part of the Island; many others come simply to relax and get away from it all.

Inishbofin makes for a great sailing base. Boats of all kinds regularly pull into the safe natural harbour where boats have access to running water and electricity on the pier, and many stay overnight and longer – availing of shower facilities and the internet cafe in the Community Centre, before the first chords of the evening sessions ring out, and the stories and singing begin in Inishbofin’s hotels, bars and restaurants, where great locally sourced food is served and enjoyed.

The Island itself has been visited through the ages; diverse historical sites are to be found around the island including several Bronze Age settlements. Many of its monastic sites are associated with Saint Colman, and ancient chapels and holy wells contain the memories of an early Christian settlement. Then there is the star-shaped Cromwell’s Barracks which dominates the entrance to the harbour, almost opposite which is Dun Graine which is said to have been the site of the O’Maille Castle, occupied by Graine Uaile.   Other Coastal Promontory Forts thought to be of The Iron Age are common on the Island, the most dramatic been Dun Mor in West Quarter.

Finally, don’t forget a visit to the Community Centre for Island Tourist Information and if you happen to be in Inishbofin on a Monday afternoon visit the Community Market run at the Centre – it is ideal for stocking up on organic vegetables, free-range eggs, fresh herbs, homemade treats and local crafts.

Fact File

9km off the coast of Connemara.
Cleggan ferry port is roughly 90km (1hr 15mins) from Galway by road, and
approx 67km (1hr) from Westport.

5.8km x 3.5km. Inishbofin can be partially
seen on a daytrip, but a longer stay is a must to really enjoy what
Inishbofin has to offer.

Hotels, hostel (with camping), pubs,
restaurants, shops, cycle hire, crafts, heritage centre, picnic areas,
community centre, shower facilities, internet cafe, guy, tour minibus.
Please see listing of tourism providers at end of brochure.
Inishbofin Festival highlights:
Inishbofin Walking Festival (May); Inishbofin Arts Festival (May); Inishbofin
Half-Marathon (May); Environmental Summer School (July); Bird Watching
Weekend (Aug); Inishbofin Set Dancing & Trad Weekend (Sept)

Getting there from Cleggan Citylink Stop:
Ferry crossings operate year-round from Cleggan, Co. Galway. Sailings take 30 minutes.
Contact Inishbofin Island Discovery (091 45819/45894;

Getting around:
On foot, bike or by minibus.

Find out more:
Inishbofin Community Centre (+ 353 95 45861/45895)