Terms of Carriage

Passengers are carried onIrish Citylink services subject to the following terms and conditions.

"The Company"means Irish Citylink Comfort Delgro Ltd. t/a Citylink which undertakes theprovision of the services. The Company enters into a contract with thepassenger upon the following terms and conditions set out for and on behalf ofitself, its employees, agents and subcontractors. It is entirely within thediscretion of the Company as to who operates Citylink services.



A ticket that has been issued to you is evidence of a contract between you andthe Company. If the ticket entitles you to any goods or services from a thirdparty, it is also evidence of a contract between you and that party.

Tickets are issued subjectto these conditions, the conditions relating to certain types of reduced anddiscounted fare tickets set out in the notices and other publications issued bythe Company and the conditions set out in the notices and other publicationsissued by another party if your ticket enables you to use any of their goodsand services.

Tickets issued by Citylink arenot transferable.  Break of journey isnot permitted except at an interchange point for completion of a journey byanother coach on the same day.




1. Information
Full details of the times and fares of services are available from appointedbooking offices and agents and on the internet @
www.citylink.ie. These are subject to variation. Special Holiday timetables may operate on public holidays andpassengers are advised to check times with the Company before making travellingarrangements. Relevant publicity material on the Company’s services isavailable through the Company’s offices and agents.


2. Types of journey
A reservation can be made for travel on the majority of services. A ticketbearing a valid reservation reference provides travel between the points shownon the date(s) and at the departure time(s) shown on the ticket. On all otherservices, whether a ticket is obtained from an appointed agent in advance oftravel, or a fare is offered to the driver at the time of boarding, ticketholders are not bound or entitled to travel on any particular vehicle, exceptas set out above. The Company will not be liable for any loss or inconveniencesuffered by the holders of such tickets owing to their not being able to findaccommodation on the particular vehicle on which they desire or is booked totravel.

3. "Open" dated Returns
If, when buying a return ticket for travel on a reservable journey, no date isspecified for a return journey, i.e. an "open-dated" return ticket ispurchased, this may subsequently be validated an any appointed agent, inadvance of travel, to travel on a specific departure. Any applicable excessfare must also be paid at time of validation. “Open-dated” return tickets expire one month after date of issue andmust be used within this time frame.

4. Alterations to tickets
An alteration to a ticket may be made at any agent in addition to any excessfare, provided that the request is made prior to the time indicated inpublicity, and subject to seats being available. It may not be altered afterthe departure date unless the ticket has been cancelled at an appointed agentbefore that date, and the altered ticket represents are booking. Separateconditions apply to Free Concessionary Travel. See Section 12.

5. Bookings made with the driver on boarding
Drivers and Company officials can issue tickets at the time of departuresubject to seats being available and subject to any local rules and regulationsgoverning such sales at the relevant point of departure. Such return ticketswill only be issued as "open-dated" return tickets but may bevalidated at an appointed agent to guarantee accommodation on a reservedjourney where accommodation is available.


6. Your contract with the Company
A ticket that has been issued to you is evidence of a contract between you andthe Company. If the ticket entitles you to any goods or services from a thirdparty, it is also evidence of a contract between you and that party.

7. You may not transfer your ticket
A ticket may only be used by the person for whom it has been bought. It cannotbe resold or passed on to anyone else.

8. Requirement to hold a ticket
You have the right to use the Company’s services if you hold a ticket or otherauthority to travel which is valid for those services you want to make. Pleaseretain your ticket for inspection at any time whilst on board the coach.

9. Conditions on which tickets are issued

Each ticket is issuedsubject to:

§  these Conditions;

§  the conditions relating tocertain types of reduced and discounted fare tickets set out in the notices andother publications issued by the Company and

§   the conditions set out in the notices andother publications issued by another party if your ticket enables you to useany of their goods or services.

10. Children
In the interest of safety, unaccompanied children under 12 years of age willnot knowingly be carried on any of our Express Services in any circumstances.  Children wearing a school uniform maypurchase tickets and travel on our Commuter Services, providing the journey isless than 25 kilometers. 

The following conditionsapply for children aged 12 to 15 years on our Express Services:

§  The travel ticket must bepurchased by a responsible adult and the journey must not involve a change ofcoach en route.

§  A responsible adult must seethe child onto the coach and arrange for a responsible adult to meet the childat the destination. No responsibility can be accepted before boarding or afteralighting.

§  Children must be capable oflooking after themselves during the journey and at the stops en route.

§  The Company’s staff andagents can request proof of age.

11. Children under the aged two or under will be able totravel for free on the understanding that they will be sitting on the lap of aresponsible adult.  If you require anindividual seat for a child aged two or under then this would be classed as achildren’s ticket and this must be purchased from one of our agencies or fromthe driver when boarding the vehicle.


12. Concessionary Travel Schemes
Where a Citylink service is part of the Free Travel Scheme, on presentation tothe driver of a valid Department of Family and Social Affairs Free Travel Pass theholder, and companion if appropriate, will be entitled to travel free ofcharge.
Should the Company suspect mis-use of a Free travel pass it reserves the rightto retain the pass and forward to the appropriate agencies.
Free Travel will only be provided on the basis that the customer presents avalid travel pass at the time of travel.


13. The period during which you can use a ticket
The period during which a ticket is valid is printed on the ticket or stated inthe notices and other publications of the Company. Day return tickets areissued for journeys when the outward and return departures are commenced on thesame calendar day. Monthly return tickets allow travel on any day. The return journeymust be completed within one calendar month of the outward journey.

14. The times you can travel and the services you can use
Reduced and discounted fare tickets are usually subject to restrictions such asthe dates, days, and times when you can use them, and the services on whichthey can be used. These restrictions are set out in the notices and otherpublications of the Company.
If you travel on a service with a ticket which is not valid on that servicebecause of such a published restriction, you will have to purchase a full priceticket for the journey made.

15. e-Tickets
The following special conditions apply to e-Tickets:

§  No refunds will be made inrelation to e-Tickets whether before or after the date of travel.

§   As with any other ticket purchased in relationto travel on any one of the Company's services, e-Tickets are not transferableand are only valid on the journey for which they were booked.

§  No amendments can be made inrelation to e-Tickets.

§  e-Tickets are like any otherticket purchased in relation to travel on the Company's services - if youcannot produce a valid ticket you will not be able to travel.

§  If we have reason to suspectthe fraudulent use of an e-Ticket, we reserve the right to confiscate it andprevent you from travelling on our services. In such an event we reserve theright to take further proceedings should we see fit. No refund will be made inrelation to any e-Ticket confiscated under this special condition.


16. Breaking or ending a journey at intermediate places A break of journey is only allowed for interchangepurposes. In such instances the passenger must travel on the first availableconnecting service. Failure to comply will result in the passenger having topurchase a full price ticket for the journey made.

17. If you travel further than your ticket allows
If you travel to a place beyond the one specified on your ticket, you will betreated as having joined the coach without a valid ticket for that additionalpart of your journey and a full price ticket will have to be purchased as if itwere a separate journey.

18. Withdrawal of tickets
If you fail in a material respect to comply with any condition that governs theuse of a ticket, the staff or agents of the Company may withdraw the ticket.


19. Tickets are non refundable. Refund requests may only be made by writing to the Customer Service Team, Citylink, 17 Forster Street,Galway.  Citylink will only considerrefunding a ticket if the reason for the cancellation is in some way caused bythe company being at fault for example a late departure of a vehicle.  Should you choose to travel on another one ofour services as a replacement then no refund will be given.  Or if extenuating circumstances arise beingthat you would be unable to travel such cases would be considered on an individualbasis.

20. No refund will be given ontickets received after the specified outward departure time unless clearevidence (ie. medical certificate) is produced of inability to travel on thatdate. Refunds will not be considered in respect of any ticket after the expiryof 28 days from that date.

21. The Company will not refundor replace lost or stolen tickets. New tickets must be purchased for travel. Ifthe original tickets are found they should be sent to the Customer ServiceManager with the receipt portion of the new ticket and a covering letter, wherea refund will be made of the cost of the replacement ticket and may be subjectto an administration fee of €3.00 per ticket used.

22. Weekly and Monthly Tickets
Weekly tickets are valid for seven days travel from the date of ticket issue.

§  Refunds requests can only bemade in writing to the Customer Service Team prior to the first date of travel.

§  No refund will be made fordays on which the ticket was not used.

§  The Company will not refundor replace lost or stolen Weekly Tickets.


23. Please check tickets and change at the time they are issued
When you buy a ticket, you should make sure that it is valid for the journeyyou want to make and that you have received the correct change. If possible,you should tell staff about any apparent errors at that time. If you do not,the Company or agent which sold you the ticket will only consider claims aboutany errors if you can show to its reasonable satisfaction that an error was made.

24. Arriving in time to board the coach
Passengers who have reserved tickets should aim to arrive at the boarding pointfor their coach 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Wherepassengers arrive later than the scheduled departure time the Company reservethe right to allow passengers without reserved tickets to board the coach. Noresponsibility for any loss can be accepted in such circumstances.

25. Make sure you are on the correct coach and that you get off at theright stop
You are responsible for making sure that you join the correct coach and thatyou get off at the right stop.

26. Inspection of tickets
You must show and, when required, hand over for inspection, a valid ticket andany accompanying discount card at the request of the staff of the Company orits agent.

27. If your ticket is spoiled or altered
If a ticket is defaced, damaged or tampered with it is not valid for travel.The Company reserves the right to refuse to issue a replacement ticket in suchcircumstances.

28. Lost or mislaid tickets
A ticket is your evidence of your right to make a journey and its safekeepingis your responsibility. Lost or mislaid tickets will not be replaced nor willrefunds be made in respect of them.

29. When you have to change coaches
If it is necessary to change coaches you will be responsible for your transferbetween stops and for the transfer of your luggage.

30. Making time for connections
Passengers must allow plenty of time for their coach journey to arrive in timeto connect with other forms of transport provided by other carriers or beforean appointment when travelling to important appointments. The Company does notaccept responsibility for any delays caused by circumstances beyond ourcontrol.

31. Comfort breaks
Short halts are made on some routes for refreshments. Passengers must return tothe coach punctually within the time allowed for these halts. Coaches may haveto proceed without a passenger who fails to rejoin the coach at the prescribedtime as set out in the timetable or as prescribed by the driver. The Companywill not be liable for any loss or damage caused by such an occurrence.

32. More than one person travelling on one ticket
Where two or more people are included on the same ticket, the person purchasingthe ticket shall be deemed to do so on the basis that he or she acts as agentfor both or all the members of the party and accepts these conditions on behalfof each member of the party.

33. Making sure you are at the correct stop at the correct time
The Company cannot accept responsibility if you are not at the correct stop atleast ten minutes before the coach is due to depart.
  If you miss the Coach you will be required topurchase a new ticket on a later vehicle.



34. It is the Company’sresponsibility to carry the passengers, with the minimum discomfort andinconvenience to the destination shown on the ticket. However sometimes, due tocircumstances beyond the Company’s control, coach services are disrupted orcancelled.

35. The Company shall not be inbreach of its obligations to carry the passengers if a service is cancelled dueto circumstances beyond its reasonable control, which shall be deemed toinclude, but not be limited to exceptional severe weather conditions, accidentscausing delays on the coach service route, fire and/or damage at a coachstation, compliance with requests of the police, deaths and accidents on theroad, vandalism and terrorism and acts of God.

36. In the event of any failureby the Company to fulfill its obligations due to a circumstance beyond itsreasonable control, the passenger shall be entitled to a refund of their ticketprice but the Company shall have no additional liability beyond this.

37. If the Company fails tocarry the passenger to their destination as shown on their ticket for anyreason not otherwise excluded (for instance, and in particular due to amechanical breakdown of the Citylink coach), the Company shall, at its ownexpense, arrange or provide alternative transport, such as another coach,train, private car, taxi etc to complete the journey as soon as reasonablypractical having regard to the circumstances and provided that the Company doesso within a reasonable time, it shall have no other liability as a result ofany delay in performing its obligations.

38. Limitation of Liability for Breach of Contract
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these terms, theCompany’s liability for any failure on its part to carry the passenger to thedestination shown on the ticket shall be limited to reimbursing the passengerfor the reasonable cost of alternative travel to such destination by coach,train, private car or taxi (or any combination of them) and the passenger shallbe reimbursed on presentation to the Company’s office at 17 Forster Street,Galway of the appropriate receipt or other voucher for the cost of such travel.In particular, but without prejudice to the above paragraph, the Company shallhave no liability for any consequential losses of the passenger as a result offailure by the Company to fulfill its obligations.


In the interest of all passengers the following "comfort"rules will apply:

39. Noise. The playing on coaches and in coach stations of radios,cassette or CD players, personal stereos, musical instruments is not permitted.However, provided that the driver of a coach is satisfied that the sound of apersonal stereo does not cause offence or inconvenience either to himself or tothe other passengers, he may allow an exception to this requirement. A coach isa confined area and passengers should only use mobile phones where essential.

40. Alcoholic drinks. Passengers are not permitted to take alcoholic drinksonto coaches for the purpose of consuming them on board, nor to drink suchdrinks on the coach or to remain on the coach when in the opinion of the driverthey are under the influence of alcoholic drink.

41. No Smoking policy. Passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicleoperated by the Company and all coach stations. The Company is entitled torequest offending passengers to remove themselves from the coach or coachstation if they do not comply with a request to desist from smoking.

42. Drug and Solvent abuse. Passengers are not permitted to board or remain on boardany of the Company’s services whilst under the influence of drugs and/orsolvents.

43. Special Needs. Certain seats may occasionally be reserved for disabled travelersetc. Passengers should always comply with any requests from staff to make suchseats available.  Any specialrequirements should be made at least 48 hours in advance of travelling.

44. Food & Beverages. Passengers are not allowed to take onto our coaches anyhot food or beverages eg. chips, take-away meals, coffee, tea etc. We areentitled to refuse access to any passenger with hot food or beverages.

45. The Company reserves theright to refuse entry or to remove from the Company's vehicles any passengerwho shall be or, in the opinion of the driver or other Company official,appears to be in breach of any of these comfort rules. Any passenger so refusedor removed shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation whatsoever fromthe Company and the Company shall have no liability to the passengerwhatsoever.


46. Neither the company nor itsservants, agents or subcontractors are common carriers and luggage and personalproperty for carriage will only be accepted on these conditions.

47. We reserve the right torefuse to carry in the hold more than one suitcase or similar package ofluggage and more than one small bag inside the coach. Additional luggage may becarried subject to accommodation being available within the vehicle. Shouldyour luggage exceed this then a surcharge of €10 per item will be charged andthis is only on the understanding that we have available capacity on thevehicle.

48. Wherever possible, theCompany will assist the wheelchair bound passenger. Folding wheelchairs will becarried where possible however battery-powered wheelchairs cannot be carried.The Company can offer no guarantee that a member of staff trained in the correctlifting and handling of the wheelchair bound passenger will be available tooffer assistance. It is therefore incumbent on the passenger to make suitablearrangements to have a qualified person available to assist at boarding,departing or connecting point.

49. The Company reserves theright to refuse trunks or other bulky articles, or articles of an objectionableor dangerous nature or which have sharp or protruding edges which may tear ordamage other luggage with which it is packed within the coach. The Company isalso entitled to request any passenger to open any article of luggage forinspection by the driver or other authorised employee of the Company in thepresence of the passenger if, for reasons of security, the Company considers itnecessary to do so. Subject to availability of accommodation and payment of theappropriate charge,  bicycles andskis/surfboards will be carried provided they are packed in such a way as toprevent damage to other luggage. Fragile items such as electronic goods,portable televisions, radios etc. will only be carried if they are ofreasonable size and securely packed. The Company will not be responsible fordamage to such items howsoever caused.

50. Passengers are responsiblefor getting themselves and their luggage onto the correct service. If theCompany’s staff assists with luggage, it is still the passenger’sresponsibility to see it on and off the coach. The passenger must also lookafter his or her luggage at all times including whilst at coach stations, stopsand on the coach. Medication and valuables should not be stowed in the luggagehold but taken on board. The Company's liability is limited to €100 perpassenger and passengers are advised to ensure that they have proper insuranceif their luggage is worth more than this.

51. Luggage given into thecustody of the Company must be clearly and appropriately labeled and securelypacked and locked/fastened. The passenger's destination should be shown on theoutside of the luggage.

52. The Company will not beliable for loss or damage to passengers luggage or to any possessions of thepassenger unless such a loss or damage is caused by negligence on the part ofthe Company, its servants or agents; and, in the event of the Company beingliable for loss or damage under this clause, its liability in such case shallbe limited to the sum of €100 for any single claim. Where an item of luggagecontains items belonging to more than one person, only one claim will beconsidered by the Company. The Company's liability will be limited to €25 forany one item within the luggage lost or damaged. The Company will not be liablefor any monetary loss whatsoever. This includes currency, valuable securitiessuch as cheques, money orders, premium bonds and certificates and all otheritems which may be valued in money or money's worth. The Company recommendspassengers to insure their luggage and personal property.

53. Loss of luggage or personalproperty must be notified immediately to a Company employee and also to thelocal Garda Station. The Company reserves the right to levy a charge forstorage and return of lost property.


54. Animals, other than guidedogs accompanying registered blind persons and hearing dogs accompanying deafpersons, will not be carried on the Company’s services.

55. If an animal is taken onboard without the driver’s permission the passenger will be required to removeit.


56. The published running timesof services are approximate only and the Company does not undertake thatservices will start or arrive at the time specified in its timetables or thatsuch services will connect with other services shown as connecting services.

57. Except as provided in theseterms, the Company will not be held liable for any loss howsoever arising orcaused as a result of any delay to such services or by the same not operatingin accordance with their published timings.

58. The Company reserves theright to alter its timetables or suspend, cancel or withdraw services ordepartures or other facilities without notice, whether before or after apassenger has booked accommodation on the same.

59. The right is reserved toprovide carriage between the points stated on the ticket issued to thepassenger by means other than the vehicles scheduled to run on the journeys towhich the ticket relates.

60. Any arrangements for hotelaccommodation, meals, refreshments, admissions to or for the use of premises,vehicles (including coaches), trains, ferries, aircraft or other means ofconveyance operated by persons or bodies other than the Company are made by theCompany as agent for and on behalf of the passenger, on the express conditionthat the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay orinconvenience howsoever caused to the passenger as a result of any sucharrangements for such matters or use thereof. Such arrangements are subject toany by-laws, regulations or conditions of the provider of the facility.

61. Any ticket sold orarrangement entered into on behalf of the passenger is on the condition thatthe laws of Ireland shall apply to the contract arising and to thedetermination of the rights and liabilities of the respective parties and thatno action or other proceedings shall be brought by either party in relation tothe contract or for damages independent of such contract except in a court ofcompetent jurisdiction in Ireland.