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CityLink driver saves Hedgehog from a prickly situation

,   Wednesday, 10 May 2017

CityLink driver saves Hedgehog from a prickly situation

A CityLink bus driver is being hailed as a hero after saving a small hedgehog from a certain death in Limerick this week. The bus was traveling from Limerick to Dublin Airport with passengers onboard. Maria Flannery of the Limerick Leader was on the bus at the time and reported live from the bus on her twitter account. The hedgehog was struggling to "mount the curb" at the side of the road according to Mrs. Flannery and faced ‘certain death’. What happened next surprised and delighted many people on the bus.

Most people would not take a second look at a struggling hedgehog on the side of the road but the CityLink driver pulled over, got out and placed the hedgehog in an area where he couldn’t get into any more trouble, to the surprise and delight of those on the Dublin Airport bound bus. The Limerick Leader has labeled the bus driver an ‘un-caped hero’ and he has been referred to as a ‘legend’ according to with also calling the driver a hero.

CityLink are proud of the driver’s actions and it serves as a reminder that a small action can make a big difference in the day of a passenger, and of course a young hedgehog.  

CityLink Hedgehog

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